Code of Ethics

Hey all-

I want you to know that when you read my blog the below listed code of ethics will always apply:

1. When blogging, if I was comped/paid/or have a stake in a product or service I will make it clear at the beginning of my blog. Otherwise, I am not a paid spokesperson-I just like to share what I have experienced on my own dime!

2. As of January 1, 2011 anything you read on my blog I believe to be 100% accurate. If you find a mistake, or think I may have been misinformed please let me know so that I can correct any mistakes.

3. I’ll try to share relevant and entertaining material.

4. I reserve the right to decline comments I deem inappropriate or offensive to other readers.

5. My goal is to provide material you will enjoy reading, and I welcome your comments/feedback/links or other sites you would like to share.

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