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The waiting part of the job search is really hard-Here are five tips to help you succeed!

Image“Patience is waiting. Not passively waiting. That is laziness. But to keep going when the going is hard and slow–that is patience.”


I knew that starting my job search right out of college would be a strenuous endeavor, but I didn’t think it would be this difficult. I don’t even think that I have it as hard as some of my peers-I’m only looking for a part-time position and they have to competitively fight for a full-time position that pays well, has benefits, and is in the area they live in or an area they don’t mind moving to. I’m just looking for an office where I can share my creativity, hard-working team-player attitude, and bubbly personality (with a reasonable salary attached of course!!) I have kept in contact with friends from school who instantly found positions, and others who are over a year out and still not working. Oregon doesn’t have the best climate for finding you dream job, but it certainly isn’t the worst. 

I read article after article about making myself more marketable, and I keep up with tweeting/fb/linkedin/pinterest (although that might count as a personal category-since I heart pinterest!!) and I’ve revamped my kick-booty portfolio to really reflect my abilities and style. I think that it is super important to let a potential employer see who you really are, in order to find the best fit for you and for the company. However, I understand the need to find a job to pay-off the thousands in student loans most of us are sidled with:)

Recently I went to an interview and I swear I feel so nervous, when I know I shouldn’t, and I can’t formulate the sentences the way I want, nothing seems to sound as intelligent or competent as I hope–and yet the interview was pretty successful. I found out that my references have been called, and I remembered to send the critical and polite (remember those manners people!!) thank-you note. I am really excited about the opportunity that might be mine. I feel like I’m on Design Star and it’s down to me and another girl and only one can win—I hope it’s me covered in confetti:) Plus I have decided that even if I don’t get the position I had a great experience and feel more confident about interviewing in the future. I just want the right position-somewhere where I can share and grow, interact with others, and really enjoy what I do, not asking for much am I?

What do you do to stay positive and continue growing while you search for a new job? I’d like to have an interactive “share” session where we can share our best ideas with each other on a globally available plane:) 

My first tip is to: Have a “digital application packet” ready at all times-in case you find a job you really want to apply for. Put it in the cloud so you can access it from anywhere. In my google docs I have a few general cover letters that I adjust for each job, a current resume, and a list of references. I plan on uploading a digital copy of my portfolio too.

My second tip is to: Only email a pdf copy of your information so that it is more secure and can’t be changed easily.

My third tip is to: Have a few seasonally appropriate and business attire appropriate outfits ready to be put on with a short lead time. I’ve been asked to come in for an interview four hours from the time the company called me. I didn’t have my dry-cleaning back and I wasn’t prepared. Be prepared!

My fourth tip is to: Practice giving answers to general interview questions. Highlight your strengths, your experience, and start to feel confident that you will use the wording you want without flubbing it up!

My fifth and final tip is to: Realize that this is a process, and not an easy one. But, you are a confident and capable person who deserves to find just the right niche at just the right company, at just the right time. Every time you interview you get a chance to improve, to start over with people who don’t know you-but want to, you’re possibilities are endless if you will open yourself to the experience.

As always, I welcome your comments and look forward to hearing from you! Best of Luck on your search!

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