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Holiday Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Hey all-
I wanted to give a quick list of my go-to stocking stuffer ideas. Since I’m a parent I don’t like to load my children up on candy (I know, I know-total meanie!). I also don’t want to spend a ton of money on stocking stuffers. When I was a kid my parents put oranges, nuts, socks, small toys, a chocolate santa, hair ties, and other small inexpensive items in our hand knitted (by my grandmother) stockings. My children don’t have hand-knitted stockings but I try to keep to some of the traditions I learned as a child. I believe in tradition and love the spirit of Christmas as it is shared. Here are some of my tried-and-true best (inexpensive) stocking stuffer ideas:

1. Stainless Steel BPA free water bottles. Everyone can use one of these, kids love to have their own color, and you are gifting an earth-friendly product. This will take you to the manufacturer website  but Costco  has a three pack (red/silver/blue) with optional neoprene covers for only $9.97! You can’t order them online through Costco’s website, but there are warehouse locations across the United States.

2. Nail polish. My daughter is a girly-girl so I love to put in fun items that I know she will get a lot of use out of. Buy a good polish that won’t easily chip and has a good amount of coverage. There are lots of options in every price range. Here are my top three pics.

  • NYC– (1-2$ per bottle!) bargain basement price, great color, quick dry, and available in major retail chains across the country!
  • Nicole by OPI– (7-9$ per bottle) great long-lasting color, love the mid-price range, lots of fun colors, available at major retail chains, and excellent coverage!
  • Dior– (19-22$ per bottle) smooth application, great colors, available online, and still not too expensive!

3. Toothbrushes! I always give my children extra toothbrushes in their stockings. It’s a fun inexpensive item they will definitely use, and they always get a new color.

4. Chapstick/Lip balm/Lip gloss- Another small useful item that can be personalized (by flavor and brand). My fav. lip gloss to give is Victorias Secret-(5-7$ tube) not too sticky, tastes great (fun flavors like bubble gum/ coconut/ cherry blast/ lemonade), and it lasts!

5. Lego kits-Lego is a name we have all grown up with and the company keeps coming up with great ideas. I like the small sets (there are different kinds to choose from, ie: Ninjago/Pirates of the Carribean/Constructor/City) The small sets range in price from 5-12$ each. Your little (or big) builder will enjoy adding to their collection.

6. Itunes giftcards! Super easy to purchase (sold in major retail stores and grocery stores nationwide) and with kids and adults so computer and internet savvy now, the itunes giftcards are something I find to be a big hit:)

7. Wristbands (3-8$ per pack) My kids and their friends are crazy for these synthetic rubber bracelets. I’m listing the Oregon Duck bandz, but they can be found online with all sorts of teams, causes, and messages.

8.Chocolate Santa. (6-13$ each) We have a local chocolate company that makes the best chocolate out there:) I highly recommend Euphoria Chocolate company, located in Oregon. Or, hit up a local chocolatier in your area for the best selection!

9. Picture mousepad. I’ve never heard a complaint when someone receives one of these. Costco photo center ((I swear I don’t represent them in any way-I just shop there and find the photo services easy to use:) )makes it easy to order a photo mousepad with the uploaded picture of your choice delivered directly to your home. The entire transaction happens online and cost under $10 shipping included! If you don’t have a Costco card-many other retail outlets and online companies like VistaPrint offer similar services.

10. Thank You notes- I still believe in the joy and social nicety called “thank you notes”, yes, handwritten. If you include them in the stockings then you won’t forget to buy them after the holiday. Nothing gets put off, it’s easy and convenient. Plus, anyone who gave the kids a gift will appreciate the time and care the kids put into writing and mailing a note. Manners still count:)

Hope this list has helped inspire you to make your stocking stuffers fun, colorful, and useful!

Happy Holidays from our family to yours—-


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