Treasure the moments.

Have you ever thought about what really drives you? What makes you happiest? and how interesting it is that every single person has a different definition of what those “special”  things are.  Life is about the adventure, the magic is in  the steps that get you to that ending point, not the actual point itself (although that can be part of the charm and good feeling). 

An event is similar. Event planners work with clients to bring them an event that will make them happy, that they can be proud of. We accomplish these steps by providing our knowledge and experience to give the client the best options possible. It could even be said that along the way, the steps that you take with your client that will be the adventure, and eventually the finished event will be the ending point, the testimony or badge of honor an event planner can be proud of if handled properly.

In school we are consistently challenged to learn more, to stay active in communication, to network our tush’s off, and then to provide relevant interesting content, and that can be applied to client interaction as well. Event planners must enjoy helping other people communicate what they expect or hope for in an event, while making the process as stress free and enjoyable as possible. We have to be willing to step out of a comfort zone and meet other people, don’t be afraid to give business cards to anyone you meet-you never know who may need or know someone who needs an event planner’s help. It is imperative that we are up to date with the latest trends in design, colors, themes, drinks, and social causes-you could keep or lose a client over ingenuity or lack of, just by educating yourself.

Here comes the most important part:

Treasure the Moments.

Treasure the moments of your everyday life. Find things that make your journey enjoyable and filled with goodness. When we are positive, others feel that energy. It is much easier to be around someone who has an appetite for life, a smile that lights their eyes up, and enthusiasm rather than someone who acts as though they could care less, and that it’s just another job to them. Choose to live authentically, find your happiness while treasuring the things or people in your life that light you up, and in return you will be able to pass that warmth on to your clients.

Vanessa Simpkins, a marketing life coach, has some great tips for finding and living an authentic life. Her top ten are a really great way to get started. I highly recommend taking a few minutes and poking around some of the articles she has written on her website. I think that it is amazing that by making our own lives better, we can encourage others, we can inspire confidence, and we can show off our skills to our clients in a way that shows the enthusiastic style of living we lead.

As always, I welcome your comments and any websites or articles you might like to share-please feel free to comment. Thank You!

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