Design and Technology, Hold hands.


This morning while on the internet I came across a great story showcasing functionality in design. Snarkitecture has taken utility to a new level of cool. Daniel Arsham’s apartment is a small loft space made of gray and white ping pong balls. The space is accessible by ladder, above the employee restroom. It is an oasis of modern design located in Brooklyn, where adding any extra space is like winning the lottery.

We can learn a lot from this design. In event planning the ultimate goal is to have a successful event that meets the clients needs/wants/exceeds their expectations. Design can come in all forms, it can be something as simple as a sculpture made with ping pong balls, a Statue of Liberty made of jelly beans, good spatial layout, or even a cake to die for! Event planning isn’t just party planning-it is enhancing a space to create a lasting impression, to give hospitality and welcome to all guests.

As professionals it is important to keep a cache of ideas at our disposal, not necessarily to recreate but rather to garner a smidgen of inspiration from. Utilize the technology available-ideas are limitless with the internet. Search engines are your best friend when stuck on how or what plan of action to take. If a company like Snarkitecture can use the internet to showcase a designer room, thus bringing hits to their site and expanding their brand name, I think as event planners we can take a hint from the hip computer nerds, and learn to expand our visibility by using social media and a network of billions of people and ideas.

The possibilities are limitless when using search engines, joining specialized sites( like The Event Planners Association), using social networking sites like Facebook and LinkedIn, technology can work miracles as you build your company and personally brand yourself.

I welcome feedback from my readers and hope to hear from you! Do you have a site that you find helpful? Which search engines are your favorites? Do you have a blog or website that you follow and would like to recommend to others? Let’s build our online community!

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One thought on “Design and Technology, Hold hands.

  1. Casandra

    Great statue of Lady Liberty! Where did you find that? I want to eat it.

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